Fiber Club- Slots Open for Everyone and News

The fiber club subscriptions for November-January are sold out. Thank you!

There have been some changes to the club this time around. I’ve lowered the amount of fiber to 2-5 oz. per month because I’ve got some fancier, and therefore more expensive, stuff for one of the months. There is also added a double dose option. Pay shipping once and get twice as much fiber!

October Club Fiber:

The October selection is shipping today. It’s such a great spinner. I’ve been spinning up the leftover tails for the last couple of nights and have got two bobbins filled. It’s so fun to spin that I’m not stopping until there’s enough yarn for a sweater for me. This will also make fantastic winter wear like socks and mittens. Want to sneak a peek?

*snoop snoop snoop*

Mollusc Wensleydale:

I’m going to do one last batch of the Mollusc Wensleydale for club members. Didn’t get enough? 4 oz. is $15 plus shipping. Shoot me an email if you’d like to get in on this batch. (Click the little envelope drawing on the left to contact me.)

Thanks, all! I’ll be back tomorrow with a Rhinebeck post. If you’re playing Blogger Bingo, you might look through my galleries to see what I look like, as I’m a square both days. I’ll post photos of what I’m wearing tomorrow.

8 Responses to “Fiber Club- Slots Open for Everyone and News”

  1. nishanna

    Damn, I have absolutely no self restraint. I LOVE it! I spent the better part of my teen life with my hair that exact color…or should I say, those colors. I was a colorful child.

  2. Amanda

    Any way for us non-club members to get the Mollusc Wensleydale? It’s such a gorgeous colorway!

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