Fiber Club Info

Hey, wow, it’s that time again!

I’ve put the renewals for the fiber club up. It’ll be there for you to renew until noon EST on the 20th, when I’ll take it down and start emailing new members with openings. That will give us a couple of weeks to get new members all sorted out before the club ships.

As I posted before, there’s going to be a waiting list for new members to sign up on, instead of the usual mad dash for a few slots. I’m going to put the sign-ups for the new members up on Monday at noon EST. I’ll post about that here when it happens. You’ll be able to put your name, email address, and payment preference into a form, which will be emailed to me. I’ll respond to your emails (in batches, the following morning) so that you know you’re on the list. Easy peasy- hopefully. :)

The other change since last time is that I raised the price of the club by $2 each month to cover the higher cost of fiber.

Once again, I look forward to spoiling you with gorgeous spinning fiber. Thank you!

3 Responses to “Fiber Club Info”

  1. Angelina

    oooh I want on that waiting list!!!! *crossing fingers*

  2. Karen

    Holy Cow! I can’t believe you love Omar too! He’s the best bad guy ever in history and I love him. I am holding off watching the last season of The Wire because I really don’t want it to end.

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