Eternity Scarf

I love these things. I’ve made a bunch. This is my favorite, though, and it’s because of this yarn. Oh, this yarn. Crispy, crunchy, hand-dyed a crazygood color. It has the kind of body I want in a cowl that has the job of keeping me warm. It stands up by itself!

Eternity Scarf

Pattern: Michele Wang’s Eternity Scarf
Yarn: Jill Draper Makes Stuff Mini Empire in Straw into Gold colorway
Needle: 8US
Size: 58″ (measured in center section) x 9″

I made the large size on a larger needle than the pattern calls for (and if you were to do the same, you’d probably want to go bigger as I am a super loose knitter), as this is a heavier yarn. I had to cut the stockinette section short as I ran out of yarn. It’s still awesomely massive.

Eternity Scarf

I mean, seriously, look at that yarn.

My End of the Coffee Table

5 Responses to “Eternity Scarf”

  1. Manise

    OMG, that is beautiful esp in a wonderful pukey green color! And echoing the ” yay , you’re blogging again”!

  2. Yolande

    The cowl is beautiful.I love the colour! Another gorgeous thing is the cardigan your model is wearing…wow!! What is that pattern?

  3. beryl massey

    Loved the instructions on Thrums. Had never heard of them but they are just the thing for my Canadian Winters! We had a – 50 Celsius with the wind chill last night.
    I went to a Specialty yarn store and found the mitts they had on display, and I fell in love with them. Knit with a wool outside and merino wool thrums they should do the trick even in this weather! Thanks for the instructions.

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