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Fiber Club Waiting List

Hi, everyone!

It looks like I may get through the waiting list for club this time around, and if I don’t, I definitely will after club renewals in three months, so, it’s time to start another waiting list! Hooray! Oh, joy!


So, on April 15th at 4 pm EDT, I will post again and include a link to a form on a webpage for you to sign yourself up to the waiting list. It’s going to ask for your name and 2 email addresses. If you only have one email, you only need to fill in the first one. If you have two, it’s handy to have a backup, just in case, because I might be inviting you to the club a year and a half from now. After you fill out and submit the form, check your email, because you need to click a link in that email to get your spot.

Please don’t email me about joining the list. You are going to need to join it yourself. Last time, I think it took 2 hours to fill all the spots, but don’t count on such a long time this go around.



Rhinebeck Sweater & Jill Draper Empire

I have this amazing skein of yarn and a little over a month.  Can it be done?

tealempireThis is Jill Draper Makes Stuff’s Empire yarn and it is amazing.  Go see.

I thought I really had this figured out but after talking to Chawne this morning about the properties of the yarn, I’ve got so many new ideas. This yarn is very sturdy and chubby, so I’m going for something jacket-y. I want a big tall neck, but do I want a cardigan or pullover? I think I want 3/4 sleeves. Symmetrical fronts or not? A big neck or cardigan would make it easy to put on and take off, and since I’m making outerwear, that is important.

Contenders/Ideas from Ravelry:

And Ideas from my Woolen Thoughts Pinterest board:

Damn, I love sweaters. No doubt, I’ll just make something up as I go along and hope I don’t get carried away and run out of yarn.

 Are you going?  Are you sweatering?  Do you have one of the coveted gigantic balls of Empire and know what you want to do with it?


Club Waiting List Signups

That’s it! The waiting list is full. Thanks, everyone!

I’ll delete this link after the list has reached 200 names. If you click the link and the page says that the list is closed, don’t bother signing up, even if you can. I’ll delete names added to the list after that time.

Thanks, everyone!