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New Club Waiting List Time and Information

Hi, all!


Thursday the 18th is going to be the day I open up a new club waiting list. I’m going to do it all at once, at 12 pm EDT, and close it when it gets to 200 names.

Convert 12 pm EDT to your time zone here.

I will post in a new thread in the Hello Yarn Ravelry group and post here with a link to the form for signing up at that time. Do not email me about getting on the list. You are going to be signing yourselves up for it online.

The signup form is going to ask you for your full name, email address, and a backup email address, the last of which you may provide or not. You will receive a confirmation email that you MUST respond to in order to get on the list. You will then receive an email confirming that you are on the list. So, quick like a bunny after filling out and sending the form, check your email. This will prevent problems with typos in email addresses.

I know the time is not great for everyone in the world, but it’s okay for most. I thought about offering multiple signup times, but that would still give preference to the people who signed up the first time, and since I have no idea how long it will take to get up to 200 names, it seems like a bad idea.

Depending on the crush of people, looking on Ravelry for the link will probably be your best bet. This website might get bogged down.

200 names might not seem like many, but it should keep me busy for probably 2 years, depending on how serious the people signing up are. We’ll have a repeat of this event when I get close to the end of that list.

Thanks, everyone!


Handspun Foot Goodness

I finally made some socks for myself. Knitting with such happy colors was a treat during these cold, grey days.

Orchid Swamp Socks

Yarn: Hello Yarn “Orchid Swamp” Falklands wool (see fiber). I used all 366 yards/4 oz., dividing the ball by weight and ending up a few rows short on the ribbing of the second sock.
Pattern: made up toe-up short row heel
Needles: ZERO- ha, they took forever.

Orchid Swamp Socks

As you may recall, the yarn is fractally spun. I split the top of half lengthwise and spun half from the end onto one bobbin. Split the other half into fourths and spun each from the end, starting with the same end, onto a second bobbin, then plied the bobbins together. This kind of striping sure is fun.

Orchid Swamp Socks

I also made myself some slippers.

Timber Slippers

Spinning bulky+ chain-plied yarn was a treat. I did 8 oz. of it in an evening of TV. The slippers were done lickety-split, as well. These were a fun, fast project.

Timber Slippers

Pattern: Nola’s Slipper Pattern
Yarn: Hello Yarn Fiber Club September 2010 offering, “Timber” Romney, 5.7 oz., about 170 yards

I changed these a little bit because I used a bulky+ weight yarn (instead of worsted held double), wanted a smaller size, and knit them in the round. Knocking off a couple of sts. and making the stitch count even did the trick. I did the top of the foot over 13 sts. as in the pattern, but because of row gauge differences/different foot size, went a couple of extra ridges before narrowing at the toe. (go to just before the tip of your longest toe and you’ll be golden). This increased the number of sts I picked up around the edge. I followed the decreases at the bottom, but went a couple of extra ridges there, too, to make them deep enough.

This is a great pattern and I think that if you are willing to rip a couple of times or make one pair as instructed the first time, these could be easily adjusted for a variety of yarn weights and foot sizes.

Aren’t they funny? They are so comfy and the Romney is wearing really well. I love them!

Made of Awesome:

* kuukuka– These clothes are killing me!
* glasses- I just bought 2 pairs of glasses (I’m rockin’ the progressives now in my old age) and then I saw these. Someday, my pretties.
* Downton Abbey- have you watched it? It’s streaming on Netflix Instant. I also really enjoyed the Wallander series with Kenneth Branagh. He always struck me as kind of a prick but when he’s all sad and doughy, I just want to hug him. It’s a great series.

Not Made of Awesome:

*ZOMG, I am so tired of snow.


Potholder Swap Crocheting is Underway

It’s time for the 3rd annual potholder swap! There’s a Ravelry group and a Flickr group if you missed the announcements and want to participate.

After much thought, I decided not to reinvent the wheel, which I really feel the urge to do when it comes to this swap, and just make something that revs my engine. I love old-fashioned potholders and I love a million bright colors, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE little picots, so there you have it.

2011 Swap Potholder #1

Pattern: Granny Mandala (rav link). The back is a solid dc circle (I like and use Bea Aarebrot’s Potholder pattern).
Yarn: a mix of Aunt Lydia’s, DMC Cébélia, and Knit-Cro-Sheen in size 10, held double
Hook: 2.5mm
Confession: I can’t get the dc2tog in the Granny Mandala work for me. There are always 3 on the hook to pull the tread through at the end, not 2. It works and looks fine, so I guess it’s fine.
Inspiration: I completely flipped out when I saw this pillow and started planning these potholders. This potholder put me over the edge.

2011 Swap Potholder #1

I wanted a slightly lighter fabric than I got with Tahki Cotton Classic, which I used for the past two swaps’ potholders. The plan was to use the yarn held single, but I am just not made of strong enough stuff for that, especially since I make potholders for the other organizers and helpers, bringing me up to 8 total. Size 3 thread would be perfect, if it came in decent colors, which it decidedly does not. It turns out the doubled size 10 is fantastic and doesn’t cause any problems while crocheting. This required rewinding all the yarn into center-pull balls, which might have put me off the idea if I hadn’t already gotten the yarn before realizing it!

It’s so fun sitting with this box of colors in my lap, lining the colors up and making these simple potholders.

Like a Paintbox

Made of Awesome:
* wool clothing- I’m obsessed with finding a nightshirt like the ones Hanna Andersson has, but wool. I think I’m going to have to sew the thing. There’s cool fabric to be had, though!
* cowls- I dyed up some chunky wool in a pale, silvery blue for this cowl (the white one with popcorn stitch). Isn’t it so cozy and gorgeous?
* bread- Cold weather gives me such an urge to bake. This scallion bread looks delicious.

There’s a shop update tomorrow, 1 pm EST. All the items are already shown in the shop so you can see them now.