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Sample Along: As It Comes and Flipped

On the left is As It Comes. This yarn was spun from top that was split lengthwise into 2 matching pieces, both spun from the same end onto two bobbins and plied.
The colors mostly match up.

On the right is Flipped. This yarn was spun from top that was split lengthwise into two matching pieces, but spun from opposite ends onto two bobbins and plied.
There’s a lot more barberpoling in this sample.
As It Comes in the skein.
Flipped in the skein and As It Comes being knit. My samples are fingering weight, approx. 125 yards per oz. The swatches are knit over 60 stitches.

Jillian Moreno’s Sample Along

Are you doing it? I am!

Week one is for getting to know your fiber. The fiber I’ve chosen is November’s Hello Yarn Fiber Club, “Lanthorn” 85/15 mixed BFL/Tussah silk.

4 ounces of “Lanthorn” BFL/Tussah.
The fiber laid out to show the dye patterning.
The fiber should be split down the middle lengthwise into 4, 1 oz. pieces. I accidentally split it down the center, lengthwise, then across the middle into 4 pieces. OOPS.

I’ve noted that this fiber has colors that repeat along the fiber, turning a corner at one end and back across in the other direction, reversing order and lining up vertically.

I’m ready for the next stage! If you use Instagram, you can follow along there at #samplealong.

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