Baby Surprise Jacket

I need a new mindless project, now!

The Facts:
Pattern: Baby Surprise Jacket from The Opinionated Knitter by Elizabeth Zimmermann
Yarn: Hello Yarn Fat Sock in colors Sand and Sea and Sea Salt, 4.5 oz., approx. 290 yards
Gauge: 5.25 sts. per inch
Size: 17″ around, 16.5″ cuff to cuff. This is little guy size- 3-6 mo.
Needles: size 5 Addi Turbo, 40″ long
Buttons: vintage plastic
Started: last week
Finished: last night

I’m going to be one of those old ladies who knits the same thing over and over. Someone’s pregnant? BSJ. Someone might get pregnant someday? Better knit a few and stockpile them.

I used two dud skeins of Fat Sock for this, alternating them every two rows for awhile where they met in the center. No fancy edgings for this, or any BSJ I ever knit. I love the raw garter edge on the neck and the bind off row turning its face to the sun. :) The fabric is soft and dense and lovely and stretchy. The buttons are the last of my vintage plastic in this style. I’ll miss them!

44 Responses to “Baby Surprise Jacket”

  1. maryse

    these little BSJs are magical. the one i made for my niece looks so cute on her.

  2. beth

    What do you mean by a “dud” skein? I am sure dud to you is fabulous to me!


    Love the sweater.

  3. Shannon

    I hae toagree with Beth – I don’t see anything that looks like a dud to me! I love those colors combined.

    That will be one smartly dressed baby!

  4. E to the M

    I’ve been working on one of these and haven’t been loving it but I don’t blame the BSJ, it’s because it’s for my ex and his wife. I am way too nice. :)

  5. Arlene

    I love it. I’ve been waiting for you to put some more fat sock in your shop so I can make a baby surprise. Any chance you might have some soon?

  6. keri

    Very pretty! I like the colors you used and they mesh well together. What is it about mindless knitting lately? That’s all I’ve been craving! =)

  7. Gale

    You’re not the only one! I think I finished my first BSJ last month and have just cast on the second this very lunch hour. As you suggest, they will be stockpiled.

    By the way, how can you call those skeins duds. They look magnificent in this little number.

    Happy days, Gale

  8. Christina

    The BSJ really is the best baby sweater. It makes me want to knit another one.

    Those colors aren’t duds, they look great!

  9. amy

    you knit as many BSJ’s as you want, since they always come out beautiful. this one makes me wish i was baby-size so that i could have one for myself. hmm, an adult tomten knit out of fat sock…there’s a thought! ;]

  10. Meghann

    I JUST finished one of these for a close friend. I kinda find myself cursing it in the middle, when the garter stitch starts to get to me, but then I cast off, sew it up and can’t help but think how clever it all is and want to make another one!

  11. Adam

    I couldn’t imagine a better thing to knit over and over when you’re an old lady :)

  12. Jennifer

    I’m thinking you should make the “filling” for a BSJ for yourself….

    Actually, I can’t really recommend that part-my experience so far has been that being pregnant sucks eggs.

  13. knitxcore

    YAY!!!!! i lurvvvvvvvvve it.
    i tried to get some fat sock a while back for this reason alone.

  14. kerry

    Oh, the colours in your yarn are just fantastic! The recipients will be delighted to receive this lovely cardigan.

  15. Elizabeth

    Aren’t those BSJs the greatest?! I love to knit them up and they are great for kiddos. I just finished one for a friend and was thinking of doing another one, digging through my sock yarn to find the right skein. Too easy and I love the Origami aspect of it. Love your colors and the buttons.

  16. Michaela

    That is so cute! I LOVE the colors. It’s nice to see baby items that aren’t pastel!

  17. Melissa

    There are certain patterns that deserve to be knit over and over again. BSJ is at the top of the list.

    I have experimented with edgings but prefer the raw edges, especially with such beautiful yarn.

  18. Hope

    Wow. You BSJ’s never fail to surprise me with their awesomeness. I’ve knit a few and I lovelovelove them for baby gifts. And actually, I am thinking about stockpiling a bunch. :) Keep up the amazing work!

  19. jessie

    Gorgeous sweater, love your colors. I can’t believe I have never knit this sweater. There are so many babies popping out in our family I gave up several years ago. (I thought about a retroactive knit-a-thon for the most recent ones, but I’d have to make 12 of something. Hats?)

  20. heather

    Love BSJ – so fun to knit and a great stash buster. The buttons are awesome, hope you find more that you like!

  21. Julia

    If these are “dud” skeins, then the real things must be amazing. Let me know if you have other duds – I’m sure I could find a home for them. :) I love the BSJ and Tomten, too. I’m spinning for the Tomten now. BSJ is on the list.

  22. HEJ

    I LURVE it. I want to make one of these soon! I just recently came to know EZ (What?! I know.) and love love love her. I want to make a Tomten too for the HEB.

    Beautiful colors!

  23. WeeBit Wonky

    Your BSJ is gorgeous! I have used sock yarns for the BSJs I’ve made but yours is by far the nicest result I’ve seen.
    ~ Robyn

  24. Marlena

    I love those colors!
    There’s nothing wrong with stockpiling some BSJ’s. There will be cold babies in the zombie apocalypse. :)

  25. stef

    good morning, I have just bought explanation for mittens, it is really wonderful, I know that you make a station wagon, I shall like to buy some wool to accomplish this small marvel, when would have you the time. here is my mail this waistcoat is really marvellous. tahnks very much

  26. JulieFrick

    One might as well have asked Degas to stop painting ballerinas.

    You make a station wagon? Please clarify.

  27. kathy b

    I’ll be right there with you knitting the same thing back to back to back. Love your big sock yarn.

  28. Maureen Craven

    How do I get the pattern for this sweater and does it come in larger sizes for little ones?

  29. Elise Gahagan

    How do u you oh access this pattern & does it come with option to make a bigger size?

  30. Annie lafont

    Est il possible d’avoir ce modèle POUR ADULTE en francais. Merci

  31. Sultana

    Serait il possible d’avoir ce modèle en français merci bonne après-midi

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