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Something Very Bad Happened

Well, actually, a few bad things happened, all rolled into one. You may have noticed, if you tried to visit the site yesterday, that things were wonky, to say the least. That’s because 3,000 people were trying to buy 25 mitten kits. Seriously, you can’t know how warm and fuzzy that makes me feel, despite the ulcer I’ve developed since yesterday afternoon over this. :) I knew that people liked the lovely mittens, as they’ve been favorited like crazy on Ravelry, but I had no idea that all those people, their brothers, friends, fathers, and mothers wanted a kit! I thought they were all “Ooh, pretty mittens. I will favorite them.”

Because I share a server with other sites and the traffic on my site was killing their sites, as well, my website was shut down. It’s back up now, obviously, but with no change to the hosting package. So, the mitten kits are on hold. Please don’t email and ask when they’ll be available. I have a couple of hundred emails to sift through today. I’ll post here when things get rolling again.

I have some serious sorting out of orders to do, as I managed to get a few kits up, which promptly oversold while the server had a heart attack. There aren’t enough kits for everyone who ordered. My proposed solution is to re-dye the green mitten colorway, which is the one that oversold. If you ordered this colorway after it sold out, expect an email from me asking if you’d like to substitute another colorway or wait for a re-dye.

The pattern is being tested in other yarns. It will be available separately at some point in the near future. I don’t know exactly when- 2 weeks or so, perhaps. I’ll keep everyone posted.

Thanks to all of you for your support and kind emails and interest in my yarn and patterns. I love you all to bits! I’m terribly sorry about the total mayhem yesterday. I’m going to work on making sure it never happens again.


ETA: You guys, no need to apologize! I’m the one who is sorry that I can’t make kits fast enough.


You Guys Make My Day, Too.

The Saddle Shoulder Aran Vest is coming along so nicely. All the cabley bits are done, the steeks crocheted and cut, and the bottom band has been knit 1.5 times. Despite going down two needle sizes, it still flared. I’ve gone down 2 needle sizes and decreased 10% for this second attempt. It looks good, I think, but I won’t know until it’s off the needles.

I’ve been taking lots of photos of the process of this vest that haven’t been blogged here. Take a gander over at Flickr if it interests you. I took some of one of the steeks.

You Make My Day:
I know I’ve been slow with this, but thanks so much to everyone whose day I make. Same to you!

I am awful at these types of posts, so will just share a few knitting links that I love with you.

Fluffbuff. I mean, seriously. Francesca’s knitting is outstanding. I discovered her blog, I think, looking for photos of Na Craga (this particular one of hers is perfection) and bookmarked her lickety-split.

yarnbee. Cheryl’s sense of color is fantastic! Her photos are great, and doesn’t the whole blog just make you smile?

click clack– I can’t read it, but it sure makes me happy to look!

isihi’s knitting diary– Crazypants. In a good way.

And one food blog:
101 CookbooksMake the frozen yogurt. I sure do! It’s good with honey replacing the sugar, as well.

Aren’t blogs grand?

Holy Crap, Websites Are a Pain:
Apologies to all who couldn’t access the blog last night and many thanks to those who let me know. I guess the site got too big for its britches (or there wasn’t enough memory alloted for PHP). There was the usual moment of panic, followed by the urge to contact my host, followed by the realization that I could be a big girl and look it up. Fixing it took 10 seconds. Go, me.

Mitten Kits!
Still working on them. There will be three colorways available next Tuesday. Mr. HelloYarn, the yarn winder of the family, curses the day I decided to make a kit with 7 small skeins of yarn in it. :D