9 Responses to “We Call Them Pirates Knit-Along”

  1. beth

    Thanks for the link! I asked if I could join. (I have made 5, yes 5 of your GREAT hat!) I am trying to make a mitten now. I had to rip, too tight.

  2. Carolyn

    I’ve missed you and been very sad that you were having problems. I hope that you get all better in the shopping area as well – I feel a yarn urge coming on me and I think you are it!

  3. shelby

    *squeaks with glee*

    I just got the hang of color work with another project I did…now I have no excuse not to make a rockin’ pair of pirate mittens!!!

    Now if only you could make it snow up here in VT…*sigh*

  4. aubree

    hey neat–I am making the hat for my brother-in-law! i’ve finished the first repeat of pirates–i have a bunch of scary faces looking up at me. I’ll let you know how it comes out!

  5. lisa

    Oooh, I’ve made one of the hats in worsted…maybe I’ll do another in dk! Thanks for the headsup.

  6. lucinda storms

    good morning, i knit your lovely pirate mittens as a gift. i posted pics of them on my blog and linked the entry back to your website. thankyou so much for use of the pattern, the instuctions were perfect! i did them in black & white wool with a bit of hot pink mohair in the cuff. if you want to take a peek at them the address is:

  7. Noel Lynne Figart

    I wanted to thank you for creating the We Call Them Pirates hat.

    I made one for myself… Then a couple of friends wanted one (each in his own color scheme), then my son wanted one, then my daughter (she insisted on hot pink and light pink for contrast. It’s adorable).

    I’m actually going to use the pattern design to do a proper norwiegan ski sweater (using EZ’s basic instructions) complete with ljus for the lower sweater.

    You are delightfully creative. Thank you!

  8. Lin Thompson

    I saw this hat pattern on the web site and would love to have the pattern to knit for my son for Christmas.

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