Squirrel Sampler Mittens

There are so many projects I need to post about, not the least of which is Pamela Wynne’s Elf Boots (Seriously, need a gift and are short on time? Make these. They’re fun, fast, and charming as can be!) For now, though, it would be sad if I couldn’t even manage to post about my new pattern.

These mittens were inspired by a teeny little photo of a Quaker cross stitch sampler that I saw in a magazine back in September. I made a sketch of the mitten, but was wishing I had a better view of the sampler, so poked around the internet and lo and behold, they are famous! And rightly so. Here’s a much better view of the sampler I saw that little photo of. Isn’t it lovely?

I knit about 5 different squirrels before I was satisfied, put stylized acorns all over the palms, added a picot edge and textured braids, and even an optional 3D acorn.

Pattern: Squirrel Sampler Mittens, my own design, which is for sale in electronic form, both [on this website] and [on Ravelry]
Yarn: Harrisville New England Shetland, in Pearl and Cocoa, and Misti Alpaca Lace Canada in Blue Mist Melange for the lining
Needles: size 0 Addi Turbo, for magic loop
Gauge: 9 sts per inch
Size: S

The lining is picked up from the inside hem edge and then pushed up inside after it’s knit. It is soft, soft, soft.

OMG, acorns!

OMG, stuffed acorn!

A ton of thanks to Pamela Wynne for allowing me to reprint her darling Wee Twee Tiny Acorn pattern. It’s available on Ravelry for all your tiny acorn needs.

Many thanks to David for forcing me to design a new pattern. He is a harsh taskmaster and had me sitting at the dining room table first thing every morning, working on stranded knitting on size 0 needles before I’d even had a reasonable amount of coffee.

Also thanks to my awesome test knitters and tech editor for all their help. It’d be a sad pattern without them!

42 Responses to “Squirrel Sampler Mittens”

  1. Lisa

    Adrian, this pattern is destined to go down in knitting history as a classic and well loved pattern. Years from now knitters will still be talking about its charms. Pamela’s acorn is just the perfect touch, too!

  2. Cari

    It’s been torture watching the samples pop up on Ravelry and not being able to get my hands on the pattern. Yay! Squirrels and acorns!

  3. Rachel

    Those mittens are adorable!!! I am a newer knitter and am wanting to try stranded knitting.

  4. carolyn

    I long to make these … but they’ll have to wait until the Christmas gift knitting is completed. Patience, patience. Thank you for another great pattern.

  5. MJ

    These are beautiful, Adrian! I love the attention to detail–5 iterations of squirrel–and the braid. If I ever move to a place with a real winter, I’ll gladly knit these (and the Fiddlehead Mittens)!

  6. Jane

    Oh my goodness, those are so lovely it’s insane. I have a secret fondness for squirrels (especially the ones here – they’re so chubby and dim-looking, how can you no?) and the second I figure out colourwork mittens, I’m pretty sure I’ll want these in my life.

  7. Mags

    These are just too precious! The only reason I haven’t cast these on RIGHT NOW is that I can’t decide on the colours :D

  8. Sarah R


    I particularly love the 3-D acorn add on, but even without that, they are truly great mittens.

  9. Leah

    Another beautiful pattern. I’m curious, I’ve done braids once and I wasn’t satisfied with the join. Could you share how you deal with it?

  10. Seanna Lea

    These are gorgeous.

    I have a pair of mittens I have started (if I can find them again). Do you have any tips for adding a lining? If I can’t find them, then I will probably be buying this pattern and making these. It’s time for some honest to goodness mittens.

  11. Natalie

    These are the most amazing mittens. I have a dreadful fear of small needles. You might catch me working on 5s but I will never admit it. But these mittens have me considering and definitely dreaming of squirrels.

  12. rosemary

    Hello Yarn: I have been watching your web for years. However, in the last year you have been very disappointing. In the last post you promised to be better and post and have not. I feel so bad when I look to see if you have posted. I need to have only positive feelings in my life so I am deleting your web site. I think you have disappointed many people.

  13. Jujudo

    Love the mittens and love your blog. I’m not disapointed.

  14. Linda

    yikes Rosemary! I thinks you need to get a real life!! I love this blog so move on and get going! Obviously you don’t think others have a life and it all revolves around you! get over yourself! I’m not disappointed nor are others!

  15. staceyjoy

    Heeehee! How can you continue to happily knit knowing Rosemary is disappointed in your website now? OMFG!

  16. Maritza

    Omg, you are *such* a disappointment! What with running your own business and dying a ton of fiber for the fiber club and yarn AND fiber for the shop, not to mention designing super-adorable patterns for your shop as well as for upcoming books, one would think you’d have more than enough time to blog religiously. Think of the people, Adrian!!!!

    On a serious note, I am always amazed when people leave selfish, obnoxious comments that completely do not take into account the crazy amounts of time and energy that go into a creative blog. A, you know you are awesome and we adore you. Keep doing your thang, and eff the begrudgers.

  17. kate

    “I feel so bad when I look to see if you have posted.”

    Isn’t that what Bloglines are for? I guess I am entirely confused as to a) the whole point of blogs and b) what my reasonable expectations of others should be. Oh, wait, that’s not me. That’s Rosemary.

  18. Mary

    These are beautiful! I love squirrels – and must have them on my mitts ASAP! I also wanted to thank you for writing the “We Call Them Pirates” pattern. I made it for my brother for Christmas and it was a huge hit! He loves it, and my Mom was quite impressed with my knitting skillz (Two l’s in that?)! Anyway, it was a blast to knit and it was fun to make something knitted that has skulls and crossbones on it! Thanks so much!

  19. spiderlady

    Do you realize there have been no new blogging since last year??? Do you know what effect that has on me??? LOL….Can’t wait to see you at YS and I love those little mittens….naughty squirrels..

  20. Jessica

    What a lovely pattern! Thank you. They were fun to knit and are my faves to wear.
    I also wanted to thank you for the “We Call Them Pirates” hat pattern. I cut my fair-isle teeth on that one, and it is probably the pattern I’ve knit the most.
    Next, snails…

  21. Marisa

    These are absolutely amazing. I must put these on the top of my must-knit list for 2010. Your designs are just awesome!

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