November 2007 Club Fiber

The first installment of the new fiber club is packaged all up in boxes, waiting for the mailman by the front door. I think he might be avoiding the house today, because he’s been warned about how big the shipment is! :P Non-US members, your packages are already winging their way to you.

I hope you all love it! It’s another new fiber and a great one I’ll be carrying from now on in the shop in both dyed and un-dyed forms.

Sneak a peek?

The club is shipping a little late this month, as I shoot for the middle of the month for that, and it’s because there are so very many of you in this installment, and a lot of you chose doubles. (Totally not complaining, you understand, just explaining!) The amount of work caught me by surprise, but the main problem was drying it all. As of last night, I have rented super lovely official Hello Yarn drying and storage space, so next month, there shouldn’t be an issue.

I’ll be back soon with spun yarn and cannot wait to see what everyone does with their fiber.

This is cross-posted to the fiber club blog to be sure everyone sees.


Holy crow, has everyone seen No Country for Old Men? It is definitely the best movie I’ve seen in a LONG time. It just about gave me a heart attack and Javier Bardem is forever changed in my eyes. You’re a better woman than I if you can manage to not hide your eyes a time of two. Go see it!

10 Responses to “November 2007 Club Fiber”

  1. E to the M

    I totally saw that this weekend and I loved it! I liked that they stayed very true to the book. I didn’t hide my eyes but they was def some wincing going on.

  2. melissa

    i saw ‘no country…’ last night. oh my gosh it was amazing, though really violent. i definitely had my eyes closed for a lot of it. :) but still, one of the best movies i’ve seen in ages.

  3. nishanna

    wow, the fiber is gorgeous. Yeah yeah i always say that. It’s only because it always is! But i’m a sucker for colors like those.

    and i totally have no country for old men on my soon to see list. In NYC, Landmark sunshine cinemas has midnight movies every weekend and the Big Lebowski was just playing last weekend. Love the Cohen brothers.

  4. Emma

    I saw it this weekend too. It was stunning–so tense and intensely creepy too. It’s a hard movie to forget, for sure.

  5. nuttnbunny

    Haven’t seen the movie but started the book yesterday. Love McCarthy’s writing. I think Orchard Keeper is my favorite book of all time.

  6. Sarah

    I just got my fiber yesterday (that was fast!) and I have to say: it’s absolutely beautiful. I love the colors. I need to empty my spindles so I can start on it right away!

  7. Meg

    I received my fiber yesterday, and already have most of it spun. I’ve never handled superwash Corriedale before, and I have to say I like it very much. I’m glad to see that you’ll be carrying this on a regular basis.

  8. debbie

    I got my fiber last week and it is BEA-U-tiful! Sorry for the delay in letting you know.

    I can’t wait to spin it, but it will probably have to wait until (OH NO) January. But I can look at it and touch it until then!

    Thank you!

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