The Great Adult Tomten Garter Two Person Knitalong

The garter bug has fully bitten and Jared and I were powerless against the lure of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Adult Tomten Jacket. The pointy hood! The squishy wool knit in extra squishy garter stitch! Garter edgings in contrasting colors! We discovered we really wanted to dress like gnomes. So, we ordered yarn and waited. It seemed like we waited a long time, because we were really excited to get the excellent yarns we chose.

Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Chunky
10 balls of Stout and 2 of Flaming
Keeping my fingers crossed that’s enough. Jared got really good stuff, too.

There’s been some knitting already.

We’re both making some changes to the pattern, which is found in The Opinionated Knitter and Knitting Workshop. I’ve added a few stitches and am doing waist shaping at the side seam. Chunky yarn + garter stitch can = wearing a barrel, so hopefully the shaping will help in that area. There will be a lot of holding the sweater up to myself to make sure everything fits properly, and buttons need to be decided upon, but other than that, smooth sailing is expected. It will have a brown body with red button band/ hood edging and red cuffs.


SpiderWoman Knits’ version and another view
That kid is appropriately excited about his jacket. I think mine needs split cuffs like that one.

Mama K
The coloring and buttons on that one are perfection.

Jared, go post so everyone can see what you’re up to!

23 Responses to “The Great Adult Tomten Garter Two Person Knitalong”

  1. Jules

    Pardon me while I drool over the Yorkshire Tweed. Can’t wait to see the jacket!

  2. Shannon

    I’m really looking forward to seeing your progress on the this project. I’ve wanted to knit an adult version on this when I saw your baby version finished!

  3. Valerie

    There’s a linear, uncluttered, Shaker-ish, (Japanese even?) perfection to your projects. And who wouldn’t want to dress like a gnome?

  4. kristin

    Something just jumped onto my Ravelry queue! I have some great Beaverslide in the stash that would be PERFECT for that…

    Adrian, you and Jared are an inspiration to knitters everywhere!

  5. Asaknitter

    Oh, I love that Rowan yarn – made some really nice slippers with it. Have fun making Tomten.

  6. Abbey

    oh, I love the tweed! Just seeing it makes me think of crisp fall days, apple pie, and Rhinebeck!

  7. filambulle

    Go for tomten!
    Actually my daughter’s one suit me too. She has a large and roomy jacket with turned up cuffs to grow in, I have a nicely fitted little jacket with hoodie. But I won’t stole her, no.
    I will knit one for me sooner or later. Have fun!

  8. isel

    This is very intriguing and exciting. I can’t wait to see each version.

  9. Amy

    This is very exciting! I have been thinking about knitting an adult size one for myself as soon as I finish this baby one. Y’all are an inspiration.

  10. merete

    it is surely exciting. especially since someone has been begging me to knit one since december when i made a little one for her daughter in rowanspun and yorkshire tweed. i am sure it will be an epidemi once you and jared finish yours. if you need more yarn try janettes rare yarn on ebay. she has a good offer on yorkshire tweed. garter stitch is so wool consuming.

  11. Peggy

    Oddly, I just started an adult tomten too, using my first hand-dyed yarn. I can’t wait to see your progress!

  12. Chelee

    Wonderful Project. I too have wanted to make the adult tomtem jacket.

    So excited to see your and Jared’s progress.

  13. Annie

    I can’t wait to see how it comes out. I’m pretty sure I have a couple skeins of both those colors buried someplace, so if you get stuck on yardage, let me know!

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