I’ll be at SPA in Freeport, Maine this weekend. If you’re going, I’ll see you there! I won’t be vending, just playing, but I’ll be hanging around with Amy Boogie. She’s vending. I’m the one in overalls and lime green and orange glasses. She’s the “tattooed goober”, to quote her. Say hi! :)

The Fiddlehead Mittens pattern testing has been going well.

Fiddlehead Mittens
Test knit in Rowan Scottish (Harris) Tweed DK by Stacie. Lining is Blue Sky Alpacas Brushed Suri (hubba hubba).

Fiddlehead Mittens
Made by Julia from Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light with a Rowan Kidsilk Haze lining.

Stacie caught a mistake. On page 2, in the LINING section, it should read:

Begin decreasing for top of mitten.
*K4, K2TOG* around, K3, K2TOG.
Knit 3 rounds plain.

I’ll put this on the mitten kit shop page and on the patterns page.

See more photos here.

The pattern is coming very soon!

26 Responses to “Misc.”

  1. whitney

    I am so madly in love with the ones up top, with the bright blue background color. I’m already contemplating getting that exact yarn to make myself a pair once the pattern comes out (although, oy, that might be too expensive!)

  2. regina

    I wonder if could just bribe Julia to make me a pair, since I don’t think i could ever make them as well. Amazing pattern, fabulous test knitters. Wow. I know i’m gushing, but I can’t really help it — I’m so utterly awed by your talent.

  3. Jessica

    Those look fabulous! You have some divine test knitters and a gorgeous pattern. I love the lime green lining peeking out of the blue ones.

  4. Lisa

    So lovely in all yarns knitted so far. A sure sign of an expertly well designed pattern. Can hardly wait for the pattern. I hope I can knit ’em – I’ve never knit a pattern like this or lined something.

  5. Vicki

    ooopppsss… sorry for drooling but I’m IN
    L-O-V-E with those first mittens… hearting the colors!!

  6. Lisa

    Those are some of the prettiest mittens out there! Can’t wait for the pattern.

  7. misa

    Lordy lordy, man oh man those mittens a fabuloso. I’ll look for you at the SPA!

  8. Deb (knitiot)

    wow! I am dying to get my hands on this pattern. I’ve coveted it since I saw the first pictures of the ones you knit for your mom.

  9. Heidi

    I’m drooling over my laptop here! Love them!!! The colors are absolutely amazing, and so perfect for the pattern. Can’t wait to knit these!

  10. Lillian

    very pretty, I love it, and want this kit!
    let us know when it’s ready!

  11. Ariella

    Love these mittens! I wonder if I could make them into pot holders if I used a larger size…so cool!

  12. Susan B

    I love the ones made w/ the Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light – there’s something about the non-tweed of that yarn that really lets the pattern itself shine through and doesn’t compete.

    I can only imagine what the Kidsilk haze lining must feel like!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Molly Bee

    I’m jealous that you get to go to Freeport! I miss the old home state. You ought to be able to sell a lot of fiddlehead mitten patterns. Won’t be long before it’s fiddlehead season in Maine!

  14. Teresa

    These are intensely beautiful. Can’t wait for the pattern. Well Done

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