It’s Starting to Look Like Something

It’s kind of funny how long this is taking me to knit. Garter stitch makes this soft, squishy, sturdy, and of course, square, but it sure sucks up yarn and time.

Want something to watch while knitting? We’ve seen some great stuff recently:
Errol Morris’ First Person– These are some interesting people.
Children of Men Just beautiful. Ah, Michael Caine.
Little Dieter Needs to Fly Absolutely fascinating.

And some real duds:
Smokin’ Aces The trailer looked so good! I usually love this kind of thing, but it was lacking something. Possibly humor.
The Good Shepherd Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

In the theater:
GRINDHOUSE. Oh, my goodness, the happiness!

40 Responses to “It’s Starting to Look Like Something”

  1. Chatty Ali

    The baby surprise jacket is truly beautiful!

    also, you have great taste in movies! I don’t post about movie stuff on my blog because most of my knitting friends who read it are not movie-nerdy like me, but I LOVED GRINDHOUSE. :) I haven’t seen Little Dieter, but I do adore Herzog, so I really need to get that back on my netflix queue — Aguirre is one of my favorite films of all time. Happy knitting!

  2. pamela wynne

    I just love how this is turning out. And a resounding YES! to all your movie notes. Especially GRINDHOUSE! :)

  3. li

    I LOVE how that yarn is knitting up. I want me some handspun!

  4. Maritza

    That is gorgeous! That handspun is beautiful. Oooh, the squishiness….

    And I have got to go see Grindhosue.

  5. Marlena

    Love that sweater! I noticed the same thing with mine regarding the length of time it took to knit. I was surprised.

  6. Adam

    The Baby Surprise Jacket looks absolutely wonderful, I really love the colors.

    And I loved Children of Men, I didn’t even knit I was so riveted by it. I also really enjoyed the Good Shepherd…it wasn’t a fast paced movie, but I thought the history was fascinating. Or maybe I just like boring movies ;)

  7. Joni

    I think that’s the prettiest Baby Surprise I’ve ever seen. I’ll admit I’m amazed by how nicely all the yarns are coming together.

  8. elizabeth

    That’s the prettiest BSJ I’ve seen! Thanks for the movie recommendations – we usually look for the “squigglies” (critic’s laurels).

  9. Teresa

    See 300. It’s definitely a chicks movie :). The violence is for the guys, but the well oiled hunky men with six packs and wearing nothing but leather undies is for the ladies. ;) I’m not sure it’s a knitting movie though, you tend to forget what you’re doing when you watch it.

    I love the sweater though. Hand spun is just beautiful when knitted up.

  10. Linda

    LOVE that sweater, the colors are amazing and complement the pattern beautifully. jacket so special. I keep coming back to look at it, and procrastinating about casting on the Rowan All Season’s Cotton I chose for sweaters for July twins (pink and blue, how boring after seeing yours). Alas, googling for machine-washable worsted weight handspun was not helpful.

  11. isel

    It is starting to look like something beautiful! That baby is going to the envy of all his baby friends. :D

    Thanks for the movie recommendations. I’m off to Netflix.

  12. Chelee

    That sweater is turning out spectacular!

    I’ve got to buy the book just for that pattern.

    Children of Men-loved it too. Of course Clive Owen *drool*

    We just saw Grindhouse last week. Totally rocked!

  13. Karen

    I am about to cry, that sweater is so beautiful! Will you make me one? I know what the answer is, and that’s okay :) There’s something about a long stretch of garter stitch that is very satisfying. To look at, I mean, if not necessarily to knit.

  14. Peggy

    Very very pretty. I really like the mellow greens. I never imagined that’s where the stripes would end up. Thanks for showing it folded up like that!

  15. Leslie

    Mmm, I love the sweater knit with your handspun. I finally finished mine! So fun. Now I’m working on the booties to match.

  16. Cirilia

    Ha! Jenna and I saw Grindhouse together and we literally burst into applause and giggles at the end of it!

  17. Kathleen Davies

    The sweater is quite eye catching. The handspun is a perfect choice. I can’t wait to see the picture of the finished project.

  18. mette

    beautiful yarn – one of the best looking surprise-jackets I´ve seen so far! :-)

  19. Margot

    I love that you are posting shots of the not-finished product. A friend is making this sweater in sock yarn and I was taking a turn at it for a bit without the pattern. It was about where your’s was in your first post on it. I couldn’t figure what part of the jacket I was working on. This post helps make sense of that (I think :P ).

  20. Alison

    That is super cute! I love the color combos. And Children of Men was amazing. :)

  21. Cara

    I’m loving the yarn! The sweater looks beautiful!

    And I liked The Good Shepherd too. Haven’t seen any of the others though.

  22. JulieFrick

    Thanks for adding to the Netflix queue! I noticed that j a r e d has all of these movies in his queue, too. Coincidence?

  23. Wendy

    I totally agree about “The Good Shepherd.” About halfway through, DH and I were looking askance at each other and saying, “This is the best spy movie ever? Wow. Let’s watch ‘Casino Royale’ again!” Who gave this movie good reviews? Oh, everyone. Blech.

  24. Sheila

    I totally love how your little jacket is looking.
    Thanks for posting movie recommendations!

  25. Crystal

    My husband absolutely loved Grindhouse. I hate theatres, so I will have to wait until it comes out on dvd, but looking forward to it! Your baby jacket is turning out to be stunning, but with your own spun yarn who would expect anything less? ;)

  26. Claire

    I love the color choices in your bsj – it looks so handsome.
    And, as for “The Good Shepherd” – towards the end I was hoping so much for a sudden plot turn more along the lines of “Grindhouse” to put all the characters in the movie out of their misery.

  27. Ann K.

    Ahhhh yes…. another great reason to buy your FSY — I’ve been hearing and seeing comments about this BSJ both on the web and locally. Will. Have. To. Knit.
    As for the movies? DH and I spent many hours at the theatre one weekend this past Winter and saw BOTH Children Of Men AND The Good Shepherd. Children Of Men left us wanting more — Michael Caine never disappoints and OH MY.. Hello Mr. Clive Owen! As for The Good Shepherd? It certainly left us snoring but can’t say it was the worst. Uh-hemm.. LOL! Now Grindhouse will be on our To See list.. thanks for the recommendation! :)
    Happy Weekend Knitting!

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