Fiber Club Renewals for August-October

It’s renewal time again! I put them up a week early because I got a few emails from people going on vacation, etc., who were worried about missing it. Renewals will be available until July 27th, then I’ll offer any available slots to people on the (now closed) waiting list. I’ll post in this thread of slots open up.

June’s club has shipped and I’ve got a sneak peek, if you like.

I dyed up some extra, like last month, and if you’d like some it’s $16 per 4 oz. bag. Email me at Members only, please.


PS: I’m going out of town for a couple of days this week. I’ll hopefully have internet access, but if I don’t answer lickety-split, don’t fret. I will respond.

4 Responses to “Fiber Club Renewals for August-October”

  1. tammy

    And ignore that, I’ve done the old mouseover and I see the fibre type. It is so Monday!

  2. Christine

    Pretty sure I already asked, but if not, PUT ME ON THE WAITING LIST please. :) Hope you have a good vacation!

  3. Raquel Moreno

    Can you tell me if I’m on the waiting list? I thought I signed up, but not too sure. I’d love to get in if theres a spot.

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