Fantom Bohus Yoke and Boston Knitter Meet-Up

The yoke is finished.

Please forgive the lumpiness. This yarn has a lot of body and wants to do what it wants to do. I will beat it into submission with a good blocking.

I’m practicing like mad at taking a decent photo of this. I think it’s the yarn’s sheen that makes the camera go crazy. Hopefully, by the time the sweater is done, I’ll be able to take a good photo or else you’ll be like “What the heck is she wearing and why should I care?”

It’s wonderful to be onto the body yarn of this. It’s so slippery and soft. Arm stitches are on lengths of string, waist shaping is about to begin, and mindless stockinette is here just in time for a little T commute this evening.

Flickr set for this sweater
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Knitting Meet-Up:

Tonight at 6:30 on the Cambridge (MA) Common, near Harvard Sq., the Lazy Red-Liners, a Ravelry knitting group, are meeting up. The Bohus and I will be there. Non-Ravelry members are more than welcome. Bring your fiber art of choice, something cool to drink, and something to sit on. See you there!

46 Responses to “Fantom Bohus Yoke and Boston Knitter Meet-Up”

  1. Elspeth

    So beautiful, so, so beautiful! Have you considered working up a kit or that simply more effort than it’s worth?

  2. stacey

    that is so pretty!!!! i may have to break down and do one of these – the more i see, the more i love them!

  3. Crystal

    GAH! A MEET UP! I work in Kendall Square, soooo close – but I was in a rush this morning (Monday, heh) and FORGOT MY KNITTING. Sorry for all the yelling, but it’s quite upsetting :)

    PS, finished norwegian hat with the custom dyed, it’s sooooooo perfect. Can’t wait to knit more wee things!

  4. Crystal

    I totally forgot to say that the most upsetting part about not being prepared for a meet is that I will not get to pet the bohus in person! It’s beautiful.

  5. jess

    it’s gorgeous, Adrian! I love how the colors are working together. :) I love the look of the body yarn too, so I can’t wait to see more of it! :)

  6. whitney

    This is just so beautiful, I can’t stop staring at the pictures! Can’t wait to see more of it!

  7. Chelee

    Gorgeous! Wish I could make it to the meet up but alas, being across the country it would take an miraculous act to get me there. Have fun!

  8. Cheryl

    This turned out stunning! It must be so fun to plan both the yarn making and sweater making together.
    I’m actually in town tonight and would love to join you all but I have some late night work to do. sigh. Another time for sure.

  9. Katrina

    I’ve been lurking for a while here (I just started knitting in February), and don’t know any knitters in my area (Cambridge) yet. I may have to stop by tonight just to see this beautiful sweater…

  10. chris

    It’s is just gorgeous. I love the colors and the way you’ve arranged them.

  11. Ann K.

    The colors are drop-dead gorgeous.. simply stunning! You never seem to stop impressing me and others.. Beautiful.

  12. KateK8

    Wow, that sweater is quite possibly more beautiful than the original Bohus sweaters. I really like your interpretation of the design with your handspun yarn and colors. This is inspiration for me to become a better spinner.

  13. jazz

    oh adrian!!! i’m clapping loudly and grinning from ear to ear. you’ve inspired me yet again, as i’ve been fantasizing knitting a handspun bohus cardigan.

  14. anmiryam

    Inspirational. If I lived closer I might come to the meet up tonight with the sole purpose of purloining said sweater, or at least gawking in person.

  15. julia fc

    really really lovely. Too late for me to come, I find out, but soak up the admiration of everyone ther and know I would be part of the hue and cry.

  16. Kerry

    I just love the colors on that sweater. I love to buy from Hello because the colors are ones that I would never think to put together myself and then when I see them, I just can’t imagine them looking better.

  17. kelp!

    Wow. Those colors are really, really amazing. Are Bohus sweaters typically knit top-down? I’ve always associated yoked sweaters with bottom-up construction, but then I’m definitely a yoked sweater novice.

  18. merete

    oh how beautiful. i love yoke sweaters and your’s is so lovely. great autumnal colour choice. wish i could go to a knitter’s meet up.

  19. nuttnbunny

    Damn geographic distance.

    Have I mentioned how excited I am about the Fiber Club? That I set a reminder in my calendar? That I giggled when I clicked to pay?


  20. Katie

    I am a long time lurker but am pledging to break my lurkey ways as I have a new blog and see how nice it is to have comments! I have knit several of your patterns, and I gotta say- I like your style!

    Anyway, love the yoke, it will be great this fall.

  21. James

    The bohus is beautiful! I hope you enjoy the endless rounds of stockinette!

  22. Beth S.

    Oh, it is FABULOUS. :-)

    I’d go to the meet-up if I wasn’t expecting company tonight. Oh well, another time…

  23. Alison

    Haha, and I also meant to say that the yoke looks gorgeous, but I was a little excited by the prospect of finding another stitch n bitch. ;)

  24. James

    Oh my gosh, that is beautiful. Also, really enjoy following along with your bog info. : )

  25. James

    Yikes, I meant to say, Totem! I’ll not dare make one but will revel in seeing yours being made and completed : )

  26. materfamilias

    this yoke is stunning! i want to make this — I loved it on Yarn Harlot but these colours are even better — and I love the blend, in a project, of areas that need attention and provide interest, and areas that can be knit amid distractions and then are really soothing to work.

  27. Rippedoffknitter

    Amazing colours! Love how they just float into each other. Is it hard to tell the different colours apart when knitting?

  28. Haley

    that sounds like so much fun. wish i lived there. your yoke looks lovely!

  29. lisa

    LOVE those colors and your knitting too!! Hey, off the wall question, are you the person who helped juju get her blog going? If so, I’m starting to ‘shop’…want to move away from livejournal, maybe to my own DOT com. It’s a new world for me, but the waters have been charted so I know it’s navigable…let me know if you still do that, general idea costs, etc? thanks!

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