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Over the last year or so, I’ve done some pattern designing on the sly. It’s awful not being able to show what I was knitting here. I’ve grown so used to it! FINALLY, there’s a photo I can show.

You may recognize the black sweater on the cover from way back when. It’s revamped in Peace Fleece in a gazillion sizes with a brand new, extra menacing skull. I can’t even tell you how excited I am to get the cover.

To! It’s still four months away from release, but don’t let that stop you. :)

The Knitter’s Book of Yarn: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing, Using, and Enjoying Yarn by Clara Parkes is another book I designed patterns for. This is going to be a super interesting book that explores fibers, yarn construction, yarn weights, etc., and provides patterns for each type/style of yarn.

I’ve also got some stuff in Larissa and Martin’s Knit-Along(link to the blog), but that’s not on Amazon yet. Hurry up, Amazon!

I really lucked out with these jobs. With the exception of the SNB sweater (Debbie knew exactly what she wanted as far as the design went. I did get to choose the Peace Fleece and was very happy to be allowed to use a small company’s yarn.), I was given so much freedom with designs and got to do some crazy modern takes on traditional stuff. Many thanks to the authors.

Shop Update:

The next shop update will be next Tuesday, the 26th, at 2 pm EST. Sarah’s sending tons of stuff, and I’ve been dyeing, dyeing, dyeing.

After dyeing up a bunch of the BFL laceweight yarn in semi-solids, I got to wondering if anyone was interested in semi-solid sock yarns. Speak up and I’ll dye some for the update to see how it sells. thanks!

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  1. Evonne

    Congrats on all the book knitting! I am so happy for you – spreading the Hello Yarn love!

  2. meera

    fabu!! hooray for you. but i think Debbie Stoller is remiss in not putting your yummy supermodel on the cover, y’know the fella i’m talking about, Doug E. Fresh, your biker dude?

  3. Peggy

    Congrats! Good for you!
    Yes, I’d be interested in some semi-solid sock yarn.
    Your vacation photos are beautiful, it looks like a wonderful time!

  4. Beth S.

    Oh yes, semi-solids are wonderful! Go for it.

    And congrats on the cover sweater! :-)

  5. Eva

    Yes! Semi-solid sock yarn!! That’s my favorite!

    Ahem. And congrats on the books. Larissa works on the book in our shop (Mabel’s, in Portland) all the time, and I’m so excited for it to come out!

  6. katie

    i would LOVE semi-solid sock yarn.

    that SnB book looks like it will be pretty good, at least from the designs on the cover. yours looks great! congratulations.

  7. Lisa

    Hooray for the books!

    Semi-solid, yes ideedy, especially if you dye some that will go with my lonely single skein of Summer Wine fat sock. But whatever you come up with will be beauteous, I bet.

  8. Stephanie

    holy smokes! the cover – and patterns in several other books too, congratulations! (and the sweater looks wonderful too :) )

  9. Marianne Wille

    Congrats! I love that black sweater..was that the one you knit for Doug????

    Also, I am not getting shop updates anymore…can you (re) add me to the list pretty please?

  10. Adam

    Congrats Adrian, that’s super exciting! And I’m very excited to see all the great patterns, since there’s not too many men’s only books these days. So thanks for thinking of us guys!

  11. Jules

    Hurray for you! The sweater looks fantastic!

    And hurray for a new Debbie Stoller book! I have the other three, so I can’t let this one pass by. :)

  12. merete

    wow that must be both very lovely and exciting for you. i love the way you use all the old techniques and adds a very trendy touch to them. i will have to order some of your yarn pretty soon. and oh i am happy you joined jannette’s list.

  13. domesticat

    Congrats on your cover! And yes yes yes on the semi-solid sock yarns. I love the colors of variegateds but then have difficulty finding a suitable pattern. I’ve decided to stick with semi-solids from now on, so you have my enthusiastic support!

  14. Rebekkah

    I’m not in the market for sock yarn at the moment, but semi solids make my heart go a-flutter. So no sales from me right now, but if you have them in a few months, I’ll be an eager buyer.

  15. Betsy

    WOW! Super congrats are in order. You are so famous now :) And I have been to chez Hello Yarn! I will be the envy of my knitting group :)

  16. whitney

    Congrats on making the cover, that’s awesome! I would most definitely be interested in semi-solid sock yarn…as much as I love all of the fabulous variegated sock yarns, I’m finding more and more that I want to be able to knit patterns better suited to more solid yarns.

  17. Sheila

    That is so great, especially that you made the cover!! Where the heck did you find the time, what with all the personal knitting and the shop stuff you do? You must be one organized girl!

  18. vanessa

    i’m thinking my son would love the skull sweater!
    congrats on the patterns!!!!!

  19. Amy Boogie

    Congrats on all the book stuff. I feel lucky to have gotten to see the patterns for Clara Parkes book. I can’t wait to see the other ones.

  20. Erica

    Wow! Congratulations, that is wonderful! I can’t wait to see the book and your fab sweater!
    BTW your Ireland pictures are breathtaking. So glad you had a lovely holiday. It looks so green and lush and picturesque there.

  21. isel

    Go you! Congratulations on making the cover and getting all the other gigs. Awesome bad ass sweater.

    Semi-solid sock yarn…do you even have to ask?! ;)

  22. maryse

    ok, now i have to buy more books! congratulations girl! i can hardly wait to see your patterns.

    and semi-solid sounds like a great idea. i think you need to give it a try.

  23. Melissa

    Congrats on the sweater being on the cover. I’d be into some semi-solid sock yarn.

  24. Kathy

    I’m also always on the lookout for semi-solid sock yarn. Congratulations on the cover!!

  25. Hope

    Congratulations on the books!

    I think semi-solid sock yarn from you would be beautiful. Your dye jobs are just gorgeous.

  26. Valerie

    Look at you!! That’s fantastic! And there are so many sock patterns that I’ve been hanging back on (#1 is Cookie’s Thelonius) because I don’t have quite the right SEMI-SOLID sock yarn yet–so bring it on!

  27. Mathieu


    That’s the best surprise ever. I started knitting on my own, buying the original Stitch n’ Bitches this summer while on a trip and thought that the book was awesome but that there were very few projects that’d be interesting for a 22 year-old young man as me.

    That book’ll probably be my x-mas gift from myself to myself, with all my love!

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