Jillian Moreno’s Sample Along

Are you doing it? I am!

Week one is for getting to know your fiber. The fiber I’ve chosen is November’s Hello Yarn Fiber Club, “Lanthorn” 85/15 mixed BFL/Tussah silk.

4 ounces of “Lanthorn” BFL/Tussah.
The fiber laid out to show the dye patterning.
The fiber should be split down the middle lengthwise into 4, 1 oz. pieces. I accidentally split it down the center, lengthwise, then across the middle into 4 pieces. OOPS.

I’ve noted that this fiber has colors that repeat along the fiber, turning a corner at one end and back across in the other direction, reversing order and lining up vertically.

I’m ready for the next stage! If you use Instagram, you can follow along there at #samplealong.

Fiber Club Waiting List Signups

I promised to post this on this long-neglected blog, so here goes. :) It’s that time again! I’m starting a new fiber club waiting list. Now’s your chance!

Friday the 29th at 3 pm EDT, I will come back here and post a link to a form that allows you to sign yourself up for the waiting list. No need to comment, no need to email, just be here at that time and you can sign yourself right up.

The form will ask for your name and two email addresses, if you have them, because the wait for an invite from the end of the list has run about two years with the past lists, and email addresses can change.  I will send invites from the beginning of the list in about three months.

You’ll receive an email after you’ve completed the signup form, and you’ll need to click the link to confirm your subscription to the list. Sometimes those emails take a bit to arrive, but don’t worry, you won’t lose your place on the list. Afterwards, if you reply to that email and ask, I can tell you what number you are on the list. Just note that it might take me a bit to get everything organized before I can reply.

When the time comes, you’ll receive an invite email at your specified email address(es) and have a week to join. I’ll start a new thread in our Ravelry group that keeps track of how far I’ve gotten into the list, so you can know when to expect the email.

When you receive your invite email, you’re under no obligation to join, but you will be taken off the list.

Thanks so much!

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