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I Can’t Believe it, Myself.

I learned to crochet. It wasn’t pretty for a moment there, when I sat down with the pattern and thought “Ooh, I just wasted $5.50, because I do not understand this AT ALL.” I got back up and printed line by line instructions for each of the stitches needed and went for it.

Why didn’t anyone tell me how fast crochet is? I can’t believe it! Two evenings of lazy crocheting and general farting around, chatting and watching movies and there’s a scarf. I want to make a bunch of these now and have some fiber set aside to spin up a yarn with long color shifts for the next.

Here’s the yarn and the fiber from this one. The scarf is Anne, by M.K. Carroll. Ravel it.

Yarn School:

Yarn School
is REALLY SOON! There are still a few spots left, if you’d like to come. Sign-ups end tomorrow. To everyone coming, I can’t wait to see you!

Any orders placed between the 18th and 29th will ship when I return.

In case anyone was wondering, yeah, I didn’t quite manage the shop update before Yarn School. I dyed some Fat Sock, though, and I’ll get some more stuff done and ready for sale when I return because seriously, it has been so amazingly long since I dyed sock yarn! It’s pitiful, especially since it’s my favorite.

I’ll be back. :)


March Fiber Club

Hi, everyone!

The March fiber club is shipping today and tomorrow. I fear I’ll never get back on track, month-wise. Hopefully, you all love spinning this so much, you don’t notice the lateness.

Want a little hint? (Not actual photo of the fiber.)

Want a big hint? (Actual photo of fiber.)

Even if you peek, you won’t know what the fiber is. That I will keep secret. :)

Have you looked at the Flickr group lately? There’s so much lovely spinning going on.

What in the world have I been up to?

I know, bad blogger, huh?

I’ve been designing stuff- stuff that will be published and that hopefully, people will love to knit. I’m having a great time, choosing yarns, scribbling with pencil, and knitting like a maniac, but wow, it’s cramping my style not to be able to blog about it! Hopefully, by the time I get back from Yarn School, I’ll have boatloads of knitting and spinning to blog about. I think I’ll take that Taiyo sweater yarn with me as plane knitting.

Yarn School:

Yarn School
is soon! There are still a few spots left, if you’d like to come. I already can’t wait to get out to Kansas and play with all the lovely spinners.

I’ll be getting ready for that for the next few weeks and will be gone from the 21st of April through the 29th. I’ll leave the shop open for orders, but won’t be shipping anything while I’m away, and for a couple of days before and after. Mr. HelloYarn will have his hands full keeping the dog happy and alive and entertaining his visiting parents and sister, so he won’t be working on during that time, either. If there’s a yarn emergency (heh) while I’m away, I will have internet access.

Keep your eyes peeled for your packages, club members! Happy spinning.