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PSA For Dyers

Don’t buy these roasters for dyeing!

The enameled (?) metal insert can’t withstand it. I could tell not long after I started using these for dyeing that the finish was dulled, but today saw that the insert is rusting and the finish is coming off in chunks. Not good!

I used old-fashioned enamel turkey roasters- you know the black or blue with white spots?- for years without the finish being damaged, so I don’t think all enamel should be shied away from for dyeing, just this particular product. I’m sure it’s fine for cooking food, though. Cripes, there might have even been some warning about acidic foods in the paperwork, had I read it.

They do make these with ceramic inserts. Thank goodness! ETA: BEWARE! The liner in this is enameled metal, just like the roaster above. :(


Thinking About Mittens

As I sit and knit work-type stuff I daydream, and lately the daydreams have been about mittens. Two styles- pointy-topped and fingerless, with pulse warmers from the leftovers thrown in, to boot. There will be tassels and tiny needles, candy stripes and troll buttons.

My color cards for all these yarns have been taunting me for ages, so it was a thrill to finally print my order form and mail it off with a check (how old-fashioned!). This yarn is GORGEOUS. It’s exactly what I hoped it would be- strong, glossy, ever so slightly imperfect. This is going to be a big pleasure.

While you’re at Nordic Fiber Arts looking at yarn, why not take a peek at these books. Beware, they’re out of stock and won’t be in for a few weeks. I haven’t received mine, so can’t comment on the contents, but they certainly look like answered prayers to me!

Mitten Inspiration:
* Pinocchio Paper Cutout by Fantastic Toys
* silhouettes by Little Nemo in Slumberland
* redwork by Stitched in Holland
* Schwibbogen
* gnomes and toadstools

Now, to distill all that into patterns!