Fractal- For this one, I split the fiber lengthwise and spun one single from the end of one piece. I split the other piece into four long pieces and spun them in a row, starting from the same end each time. I then plied the singles. This method ensures a yarn with both solid and barber-poled sections. It’s my favorite!
Drafted Together was difficult for me. For this one, I split the top into four full-length sections, took two, flipped one, then held them together while spinning. I did the same with the other two pieces, then plied the two singles together. I had to do a lot of predrafting, something I never do, to get these two pieces of fiber to stick together enough to draft. I wonder if the silkiness of the fiber worked against me. This one surprised me with its appearance!
Here are the four swatches all together. I like them all and can picture different uses for them. I think I need some Flipped socks, for starters.

It’s not too late to Sample Along! You can visit Jillian Moreno’s blog for info.