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The Knitter’s Book of Yarn and Rhinebeck

On Thursday, I got a great treat in the mail. It was The Knitter’s Book of Yarn by Clara Parkes, and marks the first release of a book that I wrote patterns for. There may have been childlike squealing. It was so difficult not to show these mittens as I was knitting them, because I was pretty darn excited. Thankfully, they’re free to be shown now.

Double-Thick Mittens, knit in Alice Starmore Hebridean 2 Ply. The whole mitten is stranded, even the solid sections. You betcha they’re warm. They’ve got a picot hem, Latvian-style braid, and twisted, tassled strings to tie them together when not worn. The yarn is a woolen-spun heather, which contrasts the graphic design nicely, I think.

Norwegian Snail Mittens, knit in super soft Dalegarn Baby Ull. I can’t praise Clara enough for allowing me to make such an amusing mitten for her book. These have circus-tent striped palms, fanciful motifs, floops galore, duplicate-stitched kiwi green accents, knit/purl patterning, and SNAILS. This yarn is a smooth worsted-spun solid that shows the pattern to great effect.

Mittens aside, this is such a wonderful book and I’m so proud to be involved. If you’d like to learn about fibers, yarn construction, properties, and selection for projects, this book is for you. The patterns aren’t half bad, either. ;) Right Amy? Amy has 8 patterns in the book!


Rhinebeck was a total madhouse, mainly because I went with Jess and Casey from Ravelry and a bit of a hubbub follows them whenever they go near yarn-type people, but also because 12,000 people were there on Saturday alone. Being around Amy Boogie might have had something to do with the craziness, as well. Amy is like a force of nature, complete with a desire to party and a checkbook, all wrapped up in wool. She’s my kind of woman. I had a great time seeing old friends and meeting what seemed like 9,000 of the 12,000 people who showed up. The Ravelry party on Saturday was a ton of fun: I (well, the Fantom Bohus sweater) was felt up by many a knitter, and neither of us minded, the company was fantastic, and we closed that place down.

I took literally one (bad) photo, but other people were much more prolific. Want to see some Rhinebeck photos?

Ravelry events, including the festival

Rhinebeck 2007

Finished Objects:

I’ve got lots of knitting to show. Cobblestone is done, and I knit a pair of legwarmers (!) in the van over the weekend. I knitting like a maniac on the Jackyll and Hide from the Fall 2007 Knitty. The plan is to frighten the life out of every trick-or-treater we get.


Book Knitting

Over the last year or so, I’ve done some pattern designing on the sly. It’s awful not being able to show what I was knitting here. I’ve grown so used to it! FINALLY, there’s a photo I can show.

You may recognize the black sweater on the cover from way back when. It’s revamped in Peace Fleece in a gazillion sizes with a brand new, extra menacing skull. I can’t even tell you how excited I am to get the cover.

To! It’s still four months away from release, but don’t let that stop you. :)

The Knitter’s Book of Yarn: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing, Using, and Enjoying Yarn by Clara Parkes is another book I designed patterns for. This is going to be a super interesting book that explores fibers, yarn construction, yarn weights, etc., and provides patterns for each type/style of yarn.

I’ve also got some stuff in Larissa and Martin’s Knit-Along(link to the blog), but that’s not on Amazon yet. Hurry up, Amazon!

I really lucked out with these jobs. With the exception of the SNB sweater (Debbie knew exactly what she wanted as far as the design went. I did get to choose the Peace Fleece and was very happy to be allowed to use a small company’s yarn.), I was given so much freedom with designs and got to do some crazy modern takes on traditional stuff. Many thanks to the authors.

Shop Update:

The next shop update will be next Tuesday, the 26th, at 2 pm EST. Sarah’s sending tons of stuff, and I’ve been dyeing, dyeing, dyeing.

After dyeing up a bunch of the BFL laceweight yarn in semi-solids, I got to wondering if anyone was interested in semi-solid sock yarns. Speak up and I’ll dye some for the update to see how it sells. thanks!


Free Knitting Pattern: Mushroom Pulse Warmers

mushroom pulse warmers modeled
I’m a hand model!

Get the pattern.

Rauma & Røros Lamullgarn- 1 skein each of #11 (MC– white), # 43 (CC– red) and #15 (CC2-black), 250 meters/50 gram each. 2 ply 100% lambswool –OR– approx. 15-25 grams of MC and very small amounts of CC & CC2 fingering weight wool yarn
NEEDLES: Size 0 US, or size needed to get gauge
BUTTONS: 4, approx. 3/4” in diameter
SIZE: S (M, L, XL)
TO FIT: 5”- 5.5“ (6”-6.5“, 7”-7.5“. 8“-8.5“) -measure wrist over wrist bone
ACTUAL MEASUREMENT: 7” (8”, 9“,10” ) long and 3” high
GAUGE: 9.5 sts. and 11 rows per inch in chart pattern.

mushroom pulse warmers

A bit about colorwork, for those unfamiliar:
In my experience, holding the background yarn in the right hand and the patterning yarn in the left results in a much clearer knitted design. This pattern has 3 colors used in the same row, so I held the black under the red in my left hand and the white in my right. It’s not awfully difficult or anything, but you do want to keep the strands organized, particularly in a sticky yarn like this, or you’ll end up with a painfully tangled mess, complete with hissy fit (or is that just me?).

Here are some links that deal with knitting in more than one color:
Knitting in Color
Fair Isle 101

About gauge:
I know there’s going to be resistance to swatching for this project- I mean, the thing is the size of a swatch. My thoughts are that I’ll give you a gauge for this yarn in stockinette in the recommended needles and you can guesstimate your gauge that way, or, if you know your usual sock gauge, you can adjust needle size from that and just forge ahead. Just don’t blame me if you’re off! This is absolutely not guaranteed to work. The garter edges are knit flat, so why not work one of those and then take your work off the needle, lay it flat, and be honest with yourself about the size?

The gauge I got for this yarn in stockinette on size 0 needles is 8.75 sts. per inch.

See the pattern for discussion about gauge, yarn, and steeks.