When people start emailing to see if you’re okay, maybe it’s time for a blog post. I’ll play catchup.

What I did over the summer:

2009 Larder

I grew food, foraged for some more, cooked it and ate it and preserved the rest. Lots of food. TONS! We have a freezer full and I canned 116 jars (info here), with more to come, now that apples are in full swing. I never expected the warm, toasty feeling that comes from preserving all that food and seeing the jars in neat little rows, but I suppose I should have. I get the same feeling from piles of sweaters I’ve made. It’s that much work, too. Goodness! I spent the summer pretty sweaty and tired. :)


Pippa Looking Pensive

Pippa is well and enjoying life. She spent an idyllic (bar the ticks) summer hiking every morning with Mr. HelloYarn and enjoying her fenced yard and having friends over to play in it. She has grown into a fantastic dog who’s just a pleasure to be around (bar the ticks).

What’s up now:

Fall is here, there are epic piles of leaves around our house, and it’s almost time for Rhinebeck! I’ll be there, shopping like a maniac and waiting in the artichoke line. I look forward to seeing all my woolly friends there. If I really knit a lot this week, I’ll even have a finished sweater. I’ve actually done a bunch of knitting that I haven’t showed here. I’ll be back with proper discussions and photos.

Fiber Club:

The fiber club renewals are up for November through January. If you’re a current member and would like to join again, go get ’em! I’ll leave this up for 2 weeks, then start emailing people on the waiting list to invite them, if there are any slots left. Please note: I sent out a newsletter today and, as usual, about 20 were returned. Please add adrian at helloyarn dot com to your contacts.

Stuff I Love:

* Guardians of Russian Art Museums– Check out this wonderful series of photos.

* Postcards from Yo Momma– A Depository of Moden Day Maternal Correspondence. Mom, I swear I won’t send any of your emails in.

* New House Textiles– The hearts! The mushrooms!

* Cooking- My new favorite recipes are this Vidalia Onion Tarte Tatin, this apple cake, cream scones, and this tomato galette. Nom nom nom.

Onion Tarte Tatin

See you at Rhinebeck!