Hi, all! Whew, we’re here in the new house and things are slowly shaping up. :)

I’ve put the fiber club subscriptions for past members– any of you, from members of the last club way back to the beginning, lapsed or not- and they’ll stay available to you until I’m back from Yarn School and have had a chance to do some math and figure out how many slots to make available to new members. Those slots will be made available on October 2.

Please, potential new members, do not join now. So that everyone gets a fair shake, I’ll have to refund your payment and cancel your subscription. I think there will be a fair few slots available, as I’ve upped my production since last time. Mr. HelloYarn is now a full time employee!

My Schedule:

You know, in case you’re keeping track.

I’m off to Yarn School on Monday the 22nd of September and will be returning the following Tuesday, the 30th. I’ll be leaving the shop open during that time, but won’t ship out orders until I return. I’ll be available by email (click the little envelope in the upper left side of the page), but won’t answer quite as zippily as usual.

After that I’ll be dyeing dyeing dyeing the fiber club, then off to Rhinebeck. I think this year is going to be even more crazypants than last year. Everyone and their mother (even mine!) is on Ravelry. That party is going to be bananas. I look forward to seeing you all there.

After Rhinebeck, my life should resume some kind of normalcy, and I’ll be able to do some actual shop updates. An enormous box of Fat Sock arrived the other day. I know there are people waiting patiently for Fiddlehead kits and those will happen, too, promise!

See you soon!