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Shop Update Today!


Hunkered South African Fine Wool
*just look at the gallery*

Maisy Day Handspun
Sarah makes the prettiest yarn!

I’m glad you like the lace weight! It’s a gorgeous new yarn, Bluefaced Leicester longwool with a tough of nylon for strength. It’s really soft and slick and has a great drape. There are more than 1300 yards per 3.5 oz. skein. As soon as I’m able to take a good photo, I’ll add the red I dyed. It was making my camera cry for its mother this morning. I know I shouldn’t dye mostly red yarns, but I can’t help myself!


Yarn Cake Portraits

Did you know there’s a Flickr group for photos of yarn cakes? It’s great, too. People take some seriously amazing portraits of yarn. Brooklyntweed’s over there, putting everyone to shame.

I hardly ever remember to photograph yarn in ball form, but I spent a goodly portion of the afternoon winding little sample skeins of Hello Yarn Sock and couldn’t let them go without a picture. They’re not too shabby, considering it’s 6 pm and I’m usually a daylight photo kinda girl.

Click each photo for a gigantic computer wallpaper-size popup.

All of my wallpapers are here.

Fiber Club:

Very many thanks to everyone who signed up. I had a blast the other day, buying all the stuff to make your packages special, and I’ll be dyeing very soon. I’m very excited to surprise you!

Random Flickr Wonderfulness:

A photostream of Nick DeWolf’s photos, mainly from the late 60’s and early 70’s in Boston. I don’t even know who he was, but the photos are wonderful and the subject matter (people in my town) is fascinating.


Hello Yarn Fiber Club

The fiber club is sold out for this round. Check back in July for the next. Thank you all so much! I am really looking forward to this and hope you are as well.

It’s about time I created a fiber club, isn’t it? Well, I’ve gone and done it and memberships are for sale now.

*not actual fiber club fiber*

The Facts:

Starting in May, each month for three months you’ll be treated to 4-6 oz. of my hand-dyed wool or wool blend fiber, delivered to your door. Let me choose the color and fiber for each month. Club colorways will not be available to non-members.

All of my fibers are hand-dyed with color and wash fast acid dyes, so your creations will last a very long time. Fibers will be selected for their softness and loveliness. Only the fibers I love to spin myself will be chosen. Some fibers will be hand wash only and some machine-washable.

There’s a blog and Flickr group where you can show off your creations and see what other people are making from their fiber.

Because some fibers cost more than others, the amount sent each month will vary. Value is comparable to any fiber available from the shop.

Don’t know how to spin but want to join? Choose the Spindle Kit option and with your first month’s fiber, you’ll receive a Louet top whorl spindle and my spinning instructions.

I’ve decided on a 3 month membership, to minimize commitment and keep initial costs down for the customer, and to allow me time to decide if I can handle more members after the first round is over.

Space is limited. Once this club is sold out, membership will not be available until the next club in three months. Shipping in the US is by USPS Priority Mail. Foreign orders incur higher shipping charges, so be sure to add the shipping option to your country. Foreign orders ship USPS Airmail. Your order will take about a week to arrive.

In the US, cost for the club works out to $20 a month, including shipping. For Canada, it works out to $23, and for members outside the US/Canada, it works out to $28 per month.

I’m really looking forward to spoiling you!