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Fiber Club Waiting List

Hi, everyone!

It looks like I may get through the waiting list for club this time around, and if I don’t, I definitely will after club renewals in three months, so, it’s time to start another waiting list! Hooray! Oh, joy!


So, on April 15th at 4 pm EDT, I will post again and include a link to a form on a webpage for you to sign yourself up to the waiting list. It’s going to ask for your name and 2 email addresses. If you only have one email, you only need to fill in the first one. If you have two, it’s handy to have a backup, just in case, because I might be inviting you to the club a year and a half from now. After you fill out and submit the form, check your email, because you need to click a link in that email to get your spot.

Please don’t email me about joining the list. You are going to need to join it yourself. Last time, I think it took 2 hours to fill all the spots, but don’t count on such a long time this go around.